Our standard doors are square

Shaped doors are available in the Compact Laminate range as an optional extra

Standard size toilet cubicles are all 1800 mm ( plus 150 gap at bottom = 1950 mm total height. )

Standard nursery doors are 1200 mm for under 5 year old or sloped 1500 mm to 1200 mm

5 to 8 year old children’s doors are 1500 mm or sloped 1800 mm to 1500 mm

9 year old children’s doors to adult are usually 1800 mm high ( plus 150 mm gap )

We can produce the size of the panels and the doors to suit any requirement.  

Bright colours are popular in nursery cubicles however other colours are available.  

Sloped doors 1500 mm to 1200 mm

Door size 1200 mm high plus 150 mm gap

Door size 1500 mm high plus 150 mm gap

Graphics are available in a variety of designs as an optional extra.

These are some samples

Nursery Toilet Cubicles

Choice of door size available

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Nursery Cubicles can be made in a range of bright colours

Also in "sloped" and door sizes to suit your requirements

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