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Duct Panels : Once your stud frame is built ( we recommend in a 4" x 2" timber ( 100mm x 50mm )), it can be covered with a "Frame Cover" made of MFC. If made in a 4" x 2" then you can screw straight through the frame cover into you stud timber ( see W1 ). in this case, there must be sufficient width to be able to hide the screw head once the duct panels are in place.  Our standard size frames covers are 100mm wide and are designed to cover your stud frame so as to "Face it off" ready for the cubicle walls to butt up to. If you use timbers less than 4" x 2" then you must use Angle brackets ( see A1 ) to fix the frame cover in place.   


D1 : shows an example of the cubicle fitted to the duct frame

DF : Shows the suggested fittings required for the duct panels

cubicle instructions.jpg

Cubicle fitting instruction guide : Please read BEFORE fitting cubicle

 1. Position and fix support legs onto panels.

  2. Stand one panel at a time upright and mark the wall position for brackets.

 3. Move panel away and fix the wall brackets to the wall.

  4. Position the panel back into the wall brackets and mark the floor for the leg support

  5. Remove plastic pad from the leg supports. ( held in by a small grub screw )

 6. Fix the plastic pad to the floor.

 7. Position the panel and leg into position and refit grub screw

  8. Position and drill through the wall bracket and panel and fix screw bolts  

    ( continue fixing each panel until all are in place )

 9. Position and fix the brackets to the pilasters.

10. Slide the pilasters ( bracket ) onto the panels, drill through the panel and fix the brackets into place

11. Fix headrail to top of pilasters

12. Fix hinges to doors ( first ) then ( using as a guide ) to the pilaster and hang doors.

13. Fix indicator bolt to doors

14. After hanging each door, use this to position and fix each bolt keep.

Guide to ordering

1 : Choose the layout you require from the image below or make a plan drawing of your area with your measurements *

2 : Decide on the material** you require and your board colours and if any "shape" doors are required. 

3 : Either fax, mail or email the drawing to us or simply give us a call with the information

4 : We will give you a price as soon as possible, usually by phone there and then

5 : We will confirm your order with the the measurements, colours and price to you for payment

We will then make a start on your order and have it shipped to you. 

We normally work on a "Start to finish" of around 7 to 14 days but if we have all the stock at hand can produce everything in 3 days !

All of our 18mm MFC toilet cubicles are edged and come complete with the hardware and fittings.

* This does not need to be a masterpiece or cad drawing or to scale. Just a rough drawing will do. 

** Cubicle material is available in MFC or Compact Laminate ( SEE MATERIALS ) 


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