The following is a summary guide to the matters relating to toilet cubicles with regard to the Disability Discrimination Act 2004. It is your responsibility to ensure compliance with these regulations.


Standard toilet cubicles with inward opening doors must have a minimum manoeuvring space of 450 mm between the swing of the door, the WC pan and the side wall.   


Ambulant cubicle

If there is only one cubicle in a unisex toilet area then this must be an Ambulant disabled configuration with 750mm of activity space and a clear width of 800mm.  

Grab rails and inner pull handles must also be provided within the cubicle.  


Enlarged cubicles  

If there are more than 3 cubicles in a single sex washroom area, then as well as one of these being an ‘Ambulant’ cubicle, there must also be an ‘Enlarged cubicle with a clear width of 1200mm. 

Door furniture : Toilet / WC compartment doors are fitted with a light action privacy bolt so that they can be operated by people with limited dexterity. Where fitted with a latch, the door furniture must be able to be operated with one hand using a closed fist.   

Colour Contrast : In an effort to aid partially sighted people navigate within a washroom or cubicle, areas must provide for visual contrast between the areas found within a washroom. Including : Door faces, frames, walls, sanitary fittings, grab rails and walls Ironmongery and door faces, floor and walls. 

Toilets for Disabled

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